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Penny Fletcher’s books range from fiction to nonfiction. She has published five books, two of which are temporarily only available as used copies on Amazon. Check out her titles and learn more about them by reading real reviews from real people.

Whose $$$ Pays for the News You Trust

I have activated a half off coupon for DIRTY NEWS (Whose $$$ Pays for the News You Trust?) May 10 that will remain on the Smashwords store site for a whole month- until June 10. Fifty percent off makes it a flat $4. It’s available at a dozen other places now too, including Amazon Kindle (paperbacks will be printed by June- I have not yet seen or approved them) BUT the sale is ONLY on the Smashwords home store (LINK HERE) b/c that is where I published it and it is a really good publishing experience compared to many.

How can you follow the money so you know whose voice you are really reading, hearing, or watching? 

Gradual changes in Supreme Court and Federal Communications rulings have pitted free speech against freedom of the press for decades, resulting in the demise of almost all truth in news. Explained by a journalist for more than thirty-eight years, readers will see how commentary, and even propaganda, can be recognized. Once foreign and domestic corporate interests behind their favorite media sources are exposed, and citizens learn how to unearth the truth amid swarms of rhetoric and lies, they will be empowered by knowing the funding sources, seeing who’s behind them, and knowing how to separate fiction from fact.

The Sumerian Secret

Mystery and murder surround clay texts predating the Bible by thousands of years.


Can a tenacious reporter uncover secrets in government vaults without being detected, and will the attentions of a NASA scientist and wealthy robed translator affect her quest?

Reviews: “The Sumerian Secret is an intense, emotional novel, well developed and appealing to a wide audience especially those who enjoy works by Steve Berry, Sydney Sheldon, and Danielle Steele. Lots of historical and science fiction, and romance, written with intelligence and wit. You will lose yourself in this story.”
– The Atlantic Book Review
“The Sumerian Secret brings together a deep impacting storyline twisting between the personal life of a journalist and a cloak and dagger world where hidden NASA information can become a source of trade.
Award-Winning Author Ken Donaldson
The Sumerian Secret

True Stories of Help from the Other Side

Published January 2021 by Sunbury Press, Mechanicsburg, PA

Mystical experiences of a fact-oriented journalist.


There are just too many ‘coincidences’ that can be proved for this story not to be true.

“The author, Penny Fletcher, is a well-known Tampa Bay investigative reporter who bases her stories on facts. Reading True Stories of Help from The Other Side offers readers the opportunity to listen to her personal history of survival through ‘spiritual interventions.’ Her memoir is factual, but she finds meaning for her experiences in the spiritual realm. She offers us the opportunity to learn much about the metaphysical world in her well-grounded writing. You will find yourself recalling your own experiences of “help from the other side” if you are open to seeing your life through the spiritual realm.”
– The Rev. Mary Anne Dorner

True Stories of Help From The Other Side

A few lines from other reviews found on Sunbury Press Authors’ Bookstore, Goodreads, and Amazon:


“This is a must read. The author awakens your soul and gives insight into how our lives have twists, turns, and upheavals as we progress… and how Our Creator brings blessings to us. This is a great book to help others grow.”


“True Stories of Help from the Other Side is a moving reflection of a spiritual relationship with the Universe and how a person that recognized that relationship used it to guide her life…”


“This book shows how if you get knocked down you have the power to get up again. A moving story that may help women understand they should trust their intuition and oneness with the Universe…”


“Sometimes I was actually afraid to find out what would happen to this woman next. This book kept me reading from beginning to end…”