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Penny Fletcher provides stellar copy editing services through her business, Write Your Heart Out. She has performed coached edits on more than 300 books from 1998 to the present. Additionally, she has spent her time teaching fiction techniques at The Center 4 LifeLong Learning in Sun City Center, Florida.

About Write Your Heart Out

Penny offers full services, whether a task involves a line-item edit for errors, deep substantive editing, or complete rewriting of short stories, white papers, and manuscripts. She edits manuscripts in Chicago style, the traditional publishers’ standard, in American or British English. For short stories and newspaper articles, she uses Associated Press (AP) style.

What to Expect When Working With Penny

1. At the start of every job, the client has to sign a flat fee contract. Penny guarantees that there will be no hourly charges or hidden expenses. The minimum fee for short stories and white papers is $50. Please note that manuscripts are accepted in Word format only, and authors are charged by word count at a rate of $50 for every 5,000 words (e.g., 5,000 divides into 30,000 six times. 6 x $50 = $300).

2. To start a manuscript, Penny requires a deposit of half of the fee via PayPal. This payment method takes credit cards, making payment easy. Clients who do not have an account may still pay through PayPal if Penny emails an invoice to them. She also takes checks in the mail from those who don’t trust putting their information online.

3. Once done editing, Word files are sent back to the authors with all changes in color so that they have a chance to accept or deny any individual change before the manuscript is finalized.

4. Penny regularly promotes her clients’ work in her monthly newsletter, on her social media accounts, and by linking to their POS online.

5. When working on hourly jobs, or for consulting, Penny charges $45 an hour.

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Short Story & Article Writing & Journalism of All Kinds

As a journalist for many years, I have written in many subjects, and am able to write detailed stories about anything by contacting experts in different fields. I also do investigative journalism that does not involve physical travel. I charge by the amount of work involved. Am I rewriting your first draft? Am I writing a short story from your notes, or maybe interviewing experts on the phone to lend weight to your nonfiction ideas? How many words do you need in the final version, and what turn-around time do you require? These are the things we will decide together before setting a price on your job. I treat all my writing clients equally, whether it’s a $50 job or $5000 or more. I work by milestones, with a down payment into PayPal or by check for those who do not wish to put their banking information online. If it’s a short-to-average length job, the balance is paid at satisfactory completion. Depending on how much work is involved, there could be a milestone or two before completion. We’ll have all that in a simple online contract before we start, so no one is ever disappointed.

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