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Dirty News Cover
Dirty News

My new book, “Dirty News” (subtitle) Whose $$$ Pays for the News You Trust came out May 3, priced at $7.99, but I have a special link to a sale price of $7.19 running through May 7. Just click it here and buy it on sale!


Dirty News describes how Supreme Court decisions and the elimination of the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine have changed the way news is delivered bit-by-bit over the last thirty years. I explain how things came to be in such a mess, what it felt like to be a reporter during the time things were changing so fast, how to recognize truth from commentary (or worse, propaganda), and some of the many ways you can check out your source and find the truth. After a year of digging, I’ve found some new ways to get to the bottom of things and put plenty of links in so you can do it too. This is an eBook. Later, I will also have an audio version and a print copy. Thank you for helping me to launch this book by sharing the link to this blog for me!

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