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James Madison
James Madison

Americans for Truth in News

Last week, we discussed how George Washington warned against the “political party” system in his Farewell address. So, this week, let’s hear what two more of those we honor as “Founding Fathers” had to say about what they feared could arise in the future. I’m staying on this subject because, unfortunately, what they all feared is here now and about to up-end our entire democracy if something doesn’t change fast.

You see, while right-wingers holler, “Let’s Go Brandon,” or “Stop the Steal,” and left-wingers say, “There wasn’t any steal,” and, “We must find common ground,” our democracy is silently being stolen, and neither side acts like they are fully aware of it.

Unless, of course, they happen to be part of the ones behind it.

The Founders were well aware that times would change, and the system would have to change with them. The fourth President of the United States, James Madison, is quoted as saying, “The day will come when our Republic will be an impossibility because wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, we must rely on the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation.”

I am not referring to any type of coup, succession, or division like the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol. (Yes, ATTACK.) Any group that injures people and property is an attack, not a peaceful protest, as some are trying to get written down in history with their loud protests against the events of that day being called an ATTACK.

 No, I am referring to change in government by the people, as Madison intended when he stated, “we must rely on the wisdom of the best elements of the country to readjust the laws of the nation.” The best element cannot be irrational, bigoted, or ruled by $, but by persons who wish to assure the “Liberty and Justice for all” for which Madison and our other founders intended. This statement proves the founding fathers and first Presidents knew we would have to change our system as time went on. Still, there are reasons why we can’t just jump into a one-person, one-vote system even though our technology can now handle it.

Before we dare to do something like that, we would have to find a way to rule out the injustices that could be done to specific groups or individuals by a majority because we can’t legislate what that majority might do. What if we allowed states to make their own rules (the old argument of states’ rights again) and one state wanted to adopt some new cruel and inhuman punishment on a specific group of people? Oh wait, that’s happening right now.

  • Removing ballot boxes and polling places in specific neighborhoods.
  • Making it illegal to offer food or even water to those standing in hours and hours of lines to vote in places where those polling places have been reduced.
  • Taking away women’s reproductive rights.
  • BURNING of books that were once required reading.
  • Groups of parents deciding what can be taught in PUBLIC SCHOOLS?

And that’s just a start.

What if some state decided to reinstitute slavery, for example? Or retaliate against those who marched on Pride Day. Or perhaps outlaw women in politics or give prizes for the number of exotic animals hunted and killed?  How fair would the States’ Rights argument be to all the people then?

This was one of the things the founding fathers were trying to prevent by applying the principles of American Republicanism, which has nothing to do with the Republican Party. Republicanism stresses “liberty and inalienable rights” as central values and makes people as a whole “sovereign,” rejecting aristocracy. It expects its citizens to be independent in their performance of civic duties and criticizes all forms of government corruption. But how can we know who truly believes in these central values if we listen only to broadcasts and read only material that reflects our personal beliefs and opinions? This is the biggest reason we must get some form of “The Fairness Doctrine” back into media today.

It’s unfortunate, but we may have to legislate The Truth.

Toward Truth,


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